Short Term Missionary Insurance

Are you a part of a missionary group? Do you regularly go on short term mission trips? Do you have any insurance for these short term trips? No? It's high time to have one! Be it weekly, bimonthly or even monthly, if you are on frequent short term trips to remote places for missionary works, you ought to insure your trips. It is not like the stereotypic insurance markets hankering after clients, rather we are here to help you for reaching out to those needy and desperate ones.

In your attempt for changing the world, do not neglect yourself! Frequent travels, be it for long term or short term, can adversely affect the health of an individual due to the different climatic conditions, geographical features and many other factors. Moreover we can't ignore unexpected cases like terrorism, accidental deaths, etc. There are many factors that can vehemently disrupt the journey.

So, how would it be if you leave all these burdens on someone else and only concentrate on your journey? We are your helping partners in this context. Apart from protecting you from the different adversities of a journey we also provide a number of benefits like medical expenses, loss of property compensation, etc.

Get secured with the Short Term Mission Insurance of Missionary Insurance Coverage, a 33 year old company involved in missionary insurance sector.