Missionary Trip Travel Insurance

Since 33 years we have been supporting spiritual benevolence and moral compassion!

Missionary is blissful, but you can't ignore the risks associated with it. Hence to protect missionary travelers from the wrath of adverse situations, Missionary Insurance Coverage provides health insurance services.

Missionary Insurance Coverage provides domestic as well as overseas medical insurance for those whose mission is to help those in need. Since our inception we have been involved in providing affordable travel insurance services around the globe.

Our experienced client advisors have taken great interest in devising and formulating various travel insurance plans. Our insurance plans provide long-term benefits to the insurer through flexible insurance policies. With our policies you have the freedom to choose your own doctor and hospital anywhere in the world in your missionary trip.

Ours is an endeavor to secure global missionaries, globally! We have a worldwide trip insurance coverage. Why us?

  • We provide cost effective insurance program.
  • Insurance coverage for individuals as well as groups.
  • Easy to buy through online mode.
  • Policies are tailored to meet the needs of every individual/ organization in general.

Get your travel insurance before you start your spiritual endeavor, henceforth.

Individual Outreach Travel Insurance

Medical insurance for families & individuals: Addresses the ins. needs of U.S. citizens & non-U.S. nationals who need temporary medical ins. while traveling for int'l outreach anywhere outside of their home country.

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